The symbolic Wedding

It is a ceremony in which the couples confirm their union of love in the presence of their loved ones so that they can share the couple’s choice for life. We call it symbolic because it has not any legal value, in fact, the Christian religious rite does not authorize any wedding Blessing if that happens elsewhere, outside the Church. As regards the civil rite, it must be practiced in a registered place by the city council where it is possible then to note the spouses’ s signature together with that one of the witnesses and the officer of the Civil Committee. You can get a legally valid marriage if you marry in a Church or in the registry office only (that always will be in the presence of witnesses) before or after this ceremony. You can also have that on the same day in the registry office as the procedure is quite fast (about 20 minutes). You could pretend a ceremony with no rules and, the spouses might ask anyone they like (parents, witnesses, best friends) to celebrate this symbolic wedding. We have seen them in the movies, those weddings celebrated in the open air. In Italy more and more couples apply for a legal value marriage to celebrate in a place which is neither in the Church nor in the registry office and, it seems that the matter is going to develop as very few, rare locations have been authorized to celebrate official weddings.

Who choices the symbolic wedding:

- Who married or will marry in a civil rite but wants a fairytale ceremony;
- Who wishes to celebrate the anniversary or renew the promise;
- Who practices a different religion;
- Who just wants the symbolic ceremony without any legal constraints;
- Who married elsewhere for different reasons and wishes the loved ones in Italy could share it also. ;
- Foreign citizens who perhaps got married abroad but would like to celebrate with family and friends in Italy too;
- Who can not marry in a civil rite yet for various reasons or those who are divorced and can’t wait for the official wedding;
- Who has not the opportunity to get married neither in the civil rite nor in the religious because the union is not legally valid;
- Those who have no chances of getting married neither civilly nor religiously because their unions are not recognized.