The Wedding

Luckily a lot of people still believe in wedding, even if someone gets married older, or is divorced, cohabiting or with children. The wedding is one of the most important event in a person’s life surely, it stirs up emotions and creates expectations, so there’s a real wish to plan it carefully. To choose a date, a Church, a restaurant will it be enough so you can relax? On the contrary, the following months are fundamental to determine the success of the event which depends on the spouses’ dedication who will have to consider every details carefully, looking for the suppliers, check the expenses, organize the guests.

It was calculated that it takes about 250 hours or 6 weeks to plan a wedding, and even if we think to have all that time as well as calm and patience, you still have to organize and manage the great day. That day, any supplier must know about all your personal choices, the guests need to be welcome, entertained, managed, take part to the event. Anyway that day you are the “protagonist” of the event, then you can’t risk any stress to coordinate everything.

You could be that married couple who had chosen to trust us about a year ago then, with whom we sat down to decide the best theme for you, the location, the suppliers, all the details including those disabled guests or suffering from allergies, and we had fun trying the ceremony and the wedding reception. If you chose to rely on us, we will be beside you all the way and if you wish on the wedding day too. We wish you could feel us like an added value, a resource that facilitates your choices, and mostly, that can manage people – space - time – money.


The Beautiful Events can plan and realize your wedding from the research and management of the Church and the location, to the contact and negotiation with the suppliers. The psychological support to the married couple should not be underestimated, as they need to refer to someone who’s competent and reliable to work out any doubts and difficulties. We are in a sphere that requires high skills like precision, analytical capacity, innovation and decision, all that at a time of great emotional stress for the couple and their loved ones who are full of hopes, desires and expectations. It is necessary to be able to mix exactness and emotion, planning and instinct, needs and wasteful, male pragmatism and female dreaming and then, last but not less important, to face up to any unforeseen event. Another thing to consider is the Bon Ton, that is, to avoid any forcing but to keep a well-balanced taste joining tradition (good manners, respect for traditions) and innovation (new equipments or modern technology).

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