We put on a rate on the agreed budget and the value will return right now to the expense items so it will not be as an additional cost. The valuable discounts that you will get from our suppliers can allow you to repay easily the service provided by our agency.
The detailed description can be found on our Reserved Area where you will see services and costs.
Thanks to the budget management. We will work with you on your budget so that we can recommend the suppliers more suitable for you. We will deal in the best contract terms on your behalf which will be applied strictly when you pay your bills. You save time and money. Besides, where possible, we can suggest the seasons and the week-days to get the best conditions about the reception especially, that is the most expensive cost.
Of course. If your friend is a photographer, or you trust a florist, or your relative is an owner’s restaurant, let us get in touch with them. We will be happy to collaborate with the suppliers you have chosen to make sure you have a perfect successful conclusion.
Clearness, honesty, fairness are some attributes of our work, and this is our particular lifestyle. Everything will be explained and if you require some additional services we submit to you our price list; you can see a rate table for overtime and business trips possibly too. We always put ourselves in client’s shoes and we like appreciating a person as well as we wish we were appreciated.
When you are ready to confirm your TBE booking, we will submit to you the contract terms and the fee you have to pay for our services. We are going to ask you to pay 50% as deposit by bank transfer. The balance will be paid within 14 days before the event.