The Street Food Event

T here are many types of mobile vans that can offer road catering at affordable prices with a traditional food quality and on a new, funny, innovative, friendly and delicious version especially for the events and the weddings of such a modern society. This kind of catering will suit those people who like arranging an out-doors event so they are looking for an informal catering, both for a main meal and an evening snack or simply for sweet or salty snacks. The guests don’t sit at the table and there aren’t any waiters to serve meals. There are various type of mobile vans which cook for people’s favourite food. At this point the street food is an excellent choice as the guests can be busy and interested, it also entertains the children and let the people talk. Some sausages can be more attractive than a good cocktail! Just some open space is enough to manage the mobile vans which offer tasty grilled chicken and chips, potato croquettes, delicious wholemeal, vegetarian and vegan foods, French crepes and traditional Breton buckwheat buns, fresh oyster and hotdogs which are perfect for a late night snack for your guests. For those who like adding a little spice to their marriage, there is the Mexican street food, and of course, typical Italian regional dishes. The cake will be perfect if it is served in a surprise box. If all these proposals may seem too ‘fast’ for you, a solution will be the Street Kitchen, where the food will be the same one served by a restaurant, but here it is a vintage van that will cook for you. It is really a brilliant idea because you can have a convenient opportunity to get gourmet food for your event without the typical costs of haute cuisine. I think that everyone could find something interesting, then I like thinking that with this new informal style we can organize all kind of event and that your guest will be satisfied surely.