Ecosustainable Event

Back to Nature:

What better time to communicate our environmental protection?

In this new millennium, we are experiencing some climate changes, as the global warming and the depletion of our planet resources. Whether a private or a business event, to choose a zero impact event with respect for the environment is a very important signal; it means the need to share which tell the human being’s irrepressible desire of green and well-being, that is to marry a new idea of life style. We really believe in environment sustainability, and we practice it throughout all the event, even in the meetings, that is an example in all work area. To organize a green event is much more challenging because we have to consider the environment every time you make a choice, so all logistical, organizational, operational solutions will be oriented to an environment protection, which is energy savings, waste reduction, decrease of greenhouse gas, reduction / elimination of waste. We will use eco-compatible and recyclable materials for a natural lighting, some decorations with fresh flowers, seasonal or artificial vegetables, the ecological and collective transports, fair trade gadgets, recycled paper invitations and organic foods at 0km wherever the event will take place, and there will be a waste separation too.

What about the newly married couple?

Everything will be organized to minimize the impact on the environment , as recycled paper invitations sent by email, wedding keepsakes made by associations which employ people in need, a species at risk adoption, hired clothes for the spouses or a handmade dress for her with recycled material or paper fiber. The bride’s make-up is made from natural products and not tested on animals, the bouquet is made of crochet and the wedding rings are made of recycled gold. The rice thrown will be replaced with some low environment impact alternatives. The wedding reception will be arranged with local 0km products which are less expensive so any leftovers can be devolved to people in need.
The Photoshoot and the reportage will be produced according to the environmental sustainability principles. The spouses have to write a list of recommendations for their guests so they will not buy new clothes or shoes for the ceremony, but hire them or use recycled clothes, vintage. To stimulate their work we anticipate that the right ecological person in charge will be rewarded. Finally, you can book your honeymoon with the responsible tourism offers, for example to travel to dream places with respect for the environment and the local people completely, or staying in some beautiful natural ecosystems combined with visits to some social projects in the local communities.