Ethics Code

The Ethic Code is aimed at creating a whole action that will ensure those procedures and behaviors meant to prevent illegal or unlawful activities, to improve some efficient, efficacy and transparency actions to meet a client’s need.
Our behaviors are inspired by the principles:
Honestyand proper collaboration, loyalty and respect for clients and suppliers;
Equal treatment to avoid any unjustified discrimination based on nationality, skin color, religion or belief, political opinion, disability, age or sexual orientation.
Transparency and complete information to take initiatives and decision without favoring any group or individuals interests and, we try not to create any privilege or benefit situations; we do our best to offer a fast, easy and understandable communication with some truthful, clear and complete information.
Proportionality to ensure the proportionality about the client’s resources and needs which should be proportional to the objective pursued.
Absence of abuse of power. Proper use of the propriety, as well as the prevention of a conflict of interests by practicing our skills to achieve the purposes only.

We pursue only client’s interests and purposes

Right to privacy – the personal information treatment, news and sources are an individual’s privacy, which are protected by law. It is our duty to keep aside any news and information concerning the personal details we are aware.
All clients have the right to claim the respect of privacy and the personal identity and dignity.
Discretion – willingness and transparency do not exempt us from assuring discretion. It is forbidden to communicate documents or information in any form, to a person not qualified, about a client and make them public.

Any Violation of this Ethic Code is prejudicial of the good terms with the client.

All these laws constitute a set of duties which are meant to be respected with awareness and precision.