TBE Foundation

Hello, my name is Bianca Perna and I would like to introduce myself, it could be the beginning to know each other. I was born in Naples, when I was two I moved with my family to the beautiful Bergamo. Then I took my diploma in accountancy and I started working as an assistant buyer in the underwear trade, afterwards as a product manager in a make-up area, so I opened a haberdashery shop of underwear. In the last years I worked in the commercial area for medium and big companies. In 2001 I got married and I moved to the north-east Milan where new experiences improved my organizational, negotiation, public relations and dialectical skills. Everything I’m interested in I put my enthusiasm, dedication and passion, so when I had the opportunity to attend the Wedding Planner course I did not hesitate to begin this route which took me to create the Beautiful Events Agency. I decided to devote myself to this profession and to respect an ethics code which among its main purposes there are the protection and promotion of client’s interests and an appropriate behavior with everyone involved in the event organization. I identify myself with the values I believe in completely: the respect for my commitments and the seriousness to carry them out. Transparency and fairness are fundamental principles to me which I live in my daily life and I would like to communicate them to everybody I will have the pleasure to meet.

What is important to me

The respect for others, for weak and defenseless people especially, for nature and animals, good manners too. I do not follow trends but I look at everything around me with curiosity and interest; I am an open mind person, and I look for comparison with people who can inspire me because there is always something to learn from anyone, anywhere. I am sensitive and intuitive, I like listening to people, understanding, learning, reflecting. I like good food, cooking, entertaining friends and having fun with them talking over a good glass of wine. I love movies generally, fantasy and epic movies are my favorites. In friendships I am a very selective and private person, I love discretion and who knows me can count on me.